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DMT 196: SESAC, NAB, Smule, Global Street Date, Artist Distribution

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This week on Digital Music Trends it was a real pleasure to welcome Emily White, co-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment and Kevin Wortis, head of label services at Girlie Action Media & Marketing.

We chat about SESAC’s latest announcements and the acquisition of Rumblefish, the NAB’s opposition to a review of the consent decrees, Merlin’s deal with Pandora, Smule’s new artist program and the potential adoption of a global street date for music releases.

We also discuss the latest developments in music distribution services for independent artists and the evolution of crowdfunding services.

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time.

Andrea Leonelli

Andrea Leonelli, Jessie Scoullar, Syd Lawrence, Digital Music Trends

DMT 195: Beats & iTunes, Milk Premium, Shazam, Rhapsody, Swell & more…

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This week on Digital Music Trends it was a real pleasure to welcome direct-to-fan expert Jessie Scoullar ( and supreme tinkerer Syd Lawrence ( to the show.

We start by chatting about Beats, as the acquisition gets regulatory approval in Europe and Vivendi declares the sale of its 13% share in the company to Apple, Ian Rogers is reportedly going to head both Beats Music and iTunes Radio, what could that mean for the company?

We also chat about Samsung finally introducing a premium tier for Milk (with a twist), Shazam’s Mac app – creepy or cool? – and its new Resonate product, Rhapsody’s mini acquisition spree with Exfm and Soundtracking and what Apple’s acquisition of Swell could mean – do we need more integration between spoken word and music content?

On top of that my guests chat about their latest projects which are very very cool. Syd talks about Basement Jaxx’s Power To The People project that just launched today, allowing users to contribute to the track and remix the contributions that will go towards the release of a charity single – check it out on

Jessie chats about her “Which Platform?” report that compares the most prominent direct to fan platforms analysing pretty much every aspect of what they offer so you can make an informed decision. Check out for more info and to get a free sample.

And that’s all for this week. I really hope you’ll enjoy the show, have a fantastic week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

zoe keating, steve lawson, glenn peoples, andrea leonelli

DMT 194: Independent music, Bandcamp, artist-fan relationship, YouTube, streaming…

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This week on Digital Music Trends a special show focused on independent music featuring Senior Editorial Analyst at Billboard Glenn Peoples (, cellist and composer Zoë Keating ( and solo bass guitarist Steve Lawson (

We chat about:

- Bandcamp, why does the platform work well for artists and why do artists identify with it? Zoë and Steve share how they got started on the platform and what it is about the service that works for them.

- How platforms like Patreon, Bandcamp and Pledge can facilitate an artist’s relationship with fans and what that relationship can mean to artists on both a human level and on a practical level.

- Streaming: how is it affecting “middle class” musicians and is the mainstream narrative of people’s shift to services like Spotify correct? Should artists have more of a say on the rates they are paid from streaming services or at least the ability to negotiate them?

- David Byrne’s latest comments on copyright review published by Glenn in a Billboard article this week.

- The Content Creators Coalition: can collective organisations help artists increase their bargaining power? Are there downsides?

- YouTutube’s music service: after a high-profile staff departure and several stumbling blocks what’s next for the yet-to-be announced service?

I really hope you enjoy this show, have a fantastic week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

Andrea Leonelli, Ralph Christoph, Darren Hemmings

DMT 193: Facebook Save, Spotify, Ultra vs Phan, Senzari, Samsung headphones, iTunes Festival

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This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to welcome Ralph Christoph (Head of Program, C/O Pop Convention) and Darren Hemmings (Founder, Motive Unknown).

We cover Facebook’s new Save function and its music-related implications, Spotify’s plans for Asia and Daniel Ek’s statements on an IPO, Ultra’s lawsuit against Michelle Phan, the upcoming C/O Pop conference, Samsung’s high-end headphones, Senzari’s new and the iTunes Festival heading back to London in September.

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

andrew dubber, andrea leonelli, aidan sliney, paul fakler

DMT 192: Thrilling Rights, Fair Digital Deals Declaration, unRadio, Soundwave, Soundcloud, Pono

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a real pleasure to welcome Eric MacKay (My Media Insider), Andrew Dubber (Music Tech Fest), Paul Fakler (Arent Fox LLP) and Aidan Sliney (Soundwave).

We start off the show by discussing the latest news around the review of the ASCP and BMI consent decrees by the US Department of Justice. The DOJ is now said to be looking into whether Sony/ATV, UMPG and ASCAP “coordinated” their negotiations with Pandora and in the meantime Sony/ATV’s Chairman is threatening to pull out of ASCAP and BMI completely, but is that actually feasible for the publisher?

We also discuss the “Fair Digital Deals Declaration” by the Worldwide Independent Network, Rhapsody’s unRadio product, SoundCloud’s rumoured equity deal with the majors and PONO gets a new CEO and new back-end service provider.

During the show I also chat with the CTO of Soundwave Aidan Sliney and he demonstrates the brand new version of the app which includes a messaging service.

Finally don’t forget to go check out the Music Tech Fest website for news on the event ( and the My Media Insider website for Eric’s latest news (

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ‘till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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