Episode 130 of Digital Music Trends

DMT 130: SiriusXM, #Music, Morrissey, Shazam + Future Music Camp Interviews

This week on Digital Music Trends first a quick news round-up covering the latest on SiriusXM, Twitter #Music, iTunes, Amanda Palmer’s shout-out to Morrissey, Shazam and the compilation market in the UK.

Then a few interviews recorded at Future Music Camp 2013 in Mannheim. The event, organized by the Popakademie, saw students, music industry and startups come together to discuss some of the hottest issues in the digital space. On this episode I interview representatives from Universal Music A&R, BMW music & apps division, Odyssey Music Network artist management and startup Endore.me.

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Andrea Leonelli (digitalmusictrends.com / twitter.com/digimusictrends)

00:01 Introduction
01:25 SiriusXM’s earnings
02:33 Twitter #Music’s slides from the App Charts
04:08 Happy birthday to you! iTunes is 10 years old…
05:09 Amanda Palmer writes an open letter to Morrissey suggesting that he crowdfunds his new record
06:56 Compilations market keeps growing in the UK
08:07 Shazam announces a new CEO
09:43 Peter Burgner — Entertainment and Music Apps division – BMW — recorded IN a car… Peter shows off the latest dashboard technology from BMW that detects and interfaces directly with the apps on your phone.
17:22 Julian Krohn — A&R Manager — Universal Music. I ask Julian about the evolution of the role of A&R within a label. What are the responsibilities of A&R today? How does an act get discovered? How does A&R work effectively with both the digital marketing units of a label and artists’ management? How is the YouTube/GEMA standoff affecting artists in Germany?
29:48 Ryan Rauscher — Project Manager – SMIX.LAB (Popakademie). Ryan is a long time organizer of the Future Music Camp, we talk about how the event has evolved over the past five years as well as students’ involvement and their uptake of new services.
36:42 Tobias Schiwek — Founder and CEO — Endore.me. Tobias, one of the founders of music streaming service Simfy, talks about his new startup that aims to be the Flipboard for entertainment. The app aggregates all relevant information on artists allowing fans to follow what their favorite acts are doing without having to visit a variety of different platforms.
43:08 Ulysses Hüppauff — Founder – Odyssey Music Network. Ulysses started the management company Odyssey after a number of years at Universal and Sony music, the company has built a solid roster of international artists including Apocalyptica. We talk about the evolution of management’s role as it becomes the hub for most of the artist’s activities. Ulysses is also working closely with Pledge music and has conducted a number of successful campaigns on the platform in Germany.

DMT 125: Sweet musical Tweets, the Spotify ads, reselling digital goods

On this episode of Digital Music Trends I’m joined by Dave Allen, director of interactive strategy at North.com and former Gang of Four bass player, and Nikke Osterback, founder of digital strategy agency Saari Music.

We chat about Twitter’s entry in the music space, Spotify’s new advertising campaign as well as rehashed rumours of a video service, Deezer’s CEO outlook on downloads, Timberlake’s sales numbers, the question of digital goods resale in the USA after an important Supreme Court ruling and much more!

You can find the show notes to DMT 125 with links to the stories discussed here http://bit.ly/125notes.

I hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time.

Andrea Leonelli (@digimusictrends)



DMT 124: The SXSW ’13 interviews

Digital Music Trends reports from SXSW 2013 with an hour-long summary show of all the interviews recorded during an 8-day stay in Austin, Texas.

In DMT 124 representatives from companies/organisations like 7digital, Lyricfind, SoundHound, ONErpm, Sperry Media, Republic Records, CD Baby, Jamplify, Givit, MediaNet, Songza, Soundexchange, VH1, Pollack Media, Livestream, George Washington Law School, The Library of Congress, talk about some of the most pressing issues in the digital music space.

The show is organised loosely by subject, covering the challenges of international expansion, monetization and sustainability of digital music services, music publishing, lyrics, the best tools for artists, mobile strategy, the streaming space, radio (both traditional and web), legal issues around transformative works and digital audio archiving.

I hope you enjoy this special episode of DMT, as you can probably tell it was a hell of an edit! And a special thanks goes to all the companies that took part. You can check out the complete SXSW interviews by visiting the YouTube playlist or the Soundcloud Set.

From next week the regular DMT show will be back on as usual.  Thanks for tuning in, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli






DMT 113 – Spotify, Spotify on the wall…

After last week’s raft of announcements from Spotify we spend the vast majority of the show making sense of where the company is heading. Featuring Steve Knopper (@knopps), Darren Hemmings (@mr_trick) and Eliot Van Buskirk (@listeningpost) as guest hosts we discuss Spotify’s latest numbers, the potential impact on users of the upcoming features, the impact on the industry and on artists of the service (including an in-depth tangent on Youtube) as well of couse as the significance of Metallica’s appearance alongside Sean Parker and Daniel Ek.

You can find all the show-notes here: http://bit.ly/dmt113notes

Hope you enjoy this week’s show,  have a great week-end and ’till next time!

DMT 106 – Xbox Music, Streaming in Japan, anti-piracy in UK/JP/FR & More!

This week on Digital Music Trends Andrea Leonelli (@digimusictrends), Virginie Berger (@virberg), Karim Fanous (@Karim_Fanous) and Taishi Fukuyama (@tshfkym) discuss Microsoft’s move into streaming with Xbox music, Spotify’s potential launch in Japan as well as the evolution of the market over there, anti-piracy measures and costs in France, Japan and the UK, the problem of accurate reporting from radio & TV and finally are less people trying to make a living as musicians?

Here’s a link to the week’s Shownotes with links to all the stories that we used as reference as well as the stories that we didn’t manageto talk about and some random link thrown in at the end: http://bit.ly/DMT106notes

I’m going to be on a break for a couple of weeks but there will be at least one special DMT show appearing in the meantime where I’ll be chatting to two very interesting start-ups (Bamm.tv and Datownia).

I hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!


Andrea Leonelli