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DMT 155: Telefonica/Rhapsody, Twitter Music,, HMV’s App, iTunes Radio

This week on Digital Music Trends a great panel featuring Steve Knopper (author and Rolling Stone contributing editor), Alejandro Marin ( and Radio DJ at La X Mas Musica) and Jules Parker (Polaroid Management). We chat about Telefonica’s deal with Rhapsody to get Napster bundled into mobile contracts as well as the demise of Terra Sonora in the process, Twitter #Music facing the axe according to the latest rumors, updating its iOS app, HMV’s PR department performing a miracle getting people to care about its app by picking up a fight with Apple, iTunes Radio reaching 20m users in a month, the David Letterman show pushing its own App and much more.

You can find the shownotes with links to all of this week’s stories here:

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DMT 150: Rdio+Cumulus, Clear Channel+Warner, Pandora vs. ASCAP, Labels vs. SiriusXM

This week Digital Music Trends is all about new partnerships and new lawsuits as we record live from the Future Music Forum in Barcelona with guests Virginie Berger (Don’t Believe the Hype), Giampiero Di Carlo ( and Niall Doorley (Future Music Forum).

This week Rdio partners with Cumulus and opens up to ad-funded free access, Clear Channel partners with Warner, Pandora wins in court against ASCAP closing the direct licensing option until 2015, the majors join the lawsuit against SiriusXM in regards to pre-1972 recordings and Rhapsody investors enact a major restructuring.

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DMT 148: Spotify Connects, Twitter Commerce, Vevo & GEMA, Yahoo! redesigns Music & more…

This week on Digital Music Trends Andrea Leonelli, Kevin Breuner (CD Baby Marketing Director) and Mike McCready (MusicXray CEO) discuss the introduction of Spotify Connect, the hypothetical scenario of a musicians strike from streaming, Twitter’s new commerce focus with the appointment of Nathan Hubbard, artists’ demands on live audiences (for example the no mobiles/photos policy), Jay-Z premiering the “Holy Grail” video on Facebook, Trent Reznor’s Spin interview (he wants $10), Shazam’s new Twitter preview, the VMA sales lift for the artists performing (who got the most?) and what happened with Miley Cyrus, Vevo’s deal with GEMA, Yahoo Music’s redesign and Echo Nest back-end help and finally a cool project to get local U.S. libraries to help promote local music.

And you can find this week’s show notes with links to all the stories on…

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This week’s show is sponsored by media law firm Sheridans, at, we thank them for their support of Digital Music Trends.

Andrea Leonelli

Show timeline:

00:24 Introduction
01:55 Mike talks about how he went about building his relationship with Future Music Forum it Barcelona, we chat about the conference
04:13 Kevin updates us on the latest news about CD Baby
05:50 Spotify unveils Spotify Connect. Many speaker manufacturers have jumped on board. Will the general public pay attention?
09:50 What could Spotify do to raise customer awareness about this function? Will people even realize that the option exists?
11:50 Looking at a Billboard piece on a hypothetical Spotify strike, is it a feasible possibility?
17:00 Where will streaming position itself in US over the next few years, and will it cause another wave of the abandonment of CD?
24:10 Will Twitter’s new commerce strategy help the music industry increase record/merchandising/ticket sales?
29:52 A few artists lately have been banning mobile phones from gigs, is it ok for artists to make such demands of fans? Is it even reasonable to think fans will stop carrying phones/cameras to gigs?
34:40 Jay-Z released his new video “Holy Grail” featuring Justin Timberlake exclusively on Facebook for the first 24 hours, was using Facebook as a video hosting platform a good move and what is Facebook’s play here?
37:53 Short break featuring our sponsors Sheridans
40:50 Sales projections for the acts that performed during the VMA’s. Does a boost on social media always lead to an increase in sales?
44:47 We chat a bit more about Nine Inch Nails after Trent Reznor’s new interview with Spin.
53:40 Vevo manages to strike a deal with GEMA and is set to launch in Germany
56:10 Yahoo relaunched, also went through with a deal with the Echo Nest, a music intelligence service, hoping to improve their music database system. Given Yahoo!’s huge traffic how relevant is it for music and should artists pay attention as to their positioning on the platform?
59:42 Hypebot picks up on local NPR coverage about local libraries building streamable and downloadable collections or digital music from local artists, will this drive music communities in small to medium sized towns?
1:02:45 Outro

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DMT 147: Pandora’s cap, the VMAs, finding new releases, Vevo on Apple TV, PledgeMusic and more

On Episode 147 of Digital Music Trends Andrea Leonelli, Karim Fanous (Music Ally) and Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown) chat about Pandora’s Q2 earnings as the company decides to drop mobile listening caps, the VMA’s ratings and controversies, VEVO on the Apple TV, how to keep track of new albums released on Spotify and Rdio, Nigel Godrich’s follow-up on streaming, PRS for Music’s deal with YouTube and PledgeMusic’s catalogue initiative and lots more. You can find this week’s shownotes with links to the stories here.

We also chat about a few upcoming events including Resonancia Colombia (from Karim) and Hard Working Class Heroes (from Darren). Make sure you check out Music Ally and the Daily Digest.

This week’s show is sponsored by media law firm Sheridans, at, we thank them for their support of Digital Music Trends.

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli
Show timeline: 
00:50 Guest introduction
01:39 Pandora’s Q2 earnings, is company’s business model sustainable?
04:45 Pandora under pressure due to iTunes Radio. Will lifting the monthly cap of 40 hours for mobile listeners in the US put them in a better position?
09:10 Rise in viewers this year for the VMA’s up by 66% compared to last year. Is the public getting more excited about award ceremonies? What could be the cause?
16:30 Does winning or performing have more of an impact on sales in the VMA’s/Grammy Awards?
19:12 Radiohead’s producer Nigel Godrich follows-up on his streaming comments, but does this add anything new to the conversation?
26:19 PRS for Music signs a licensing deal with YouTube. What does this deal mean for YouTube, have they won over the societies with their current model?
30:40 Short break with Digital Music Trends’ sponsor Sheridans
33:30 Nince Inch Nails went down a very traditional route as far as their releases are concerned, does this mean that the “majors are dying” mantra can be put to bed?
39:00 Pledge music hiring Julian Huntley as head of the Catalog division – is this approach going to attract a new audience?
47:37 Due to Spotify’s new homepage interface there isn’t a specific place on the client to check out new releases, how do people discover new music? We look at a number of apps and Darren talks us through Rdio’s interface too.
53:10 Apple TV adds Vevo function, will 3rd party music streaming companies benefit Apple?
55:10 As of yet there are no advertisements, is this deal just a promotional one, or is money being exchanged, if so how?
01:00:34 Plenty of questions yet to be answered by Apple TV on how money will be made through this deal
01:02:19 Rounding up the interview with some of the events today’s guests will be heading off to, in the near future.
01:07:46 Outro

Digital Music Trends 145 Best of Show January to July 2013

DMT 145: Best of 2013 so far…Daisy, Google Play, Twitter Music, MySpace, iTunes Radio, Jay-Z

This week on Digital Music Trends a massive Best Of show spanning January to July 2013. I picked extracts covering the biggest stories of the year so far and created a rumors-to-announcement-to-release summary of the discussions on the likes of Google Play Music All Access, Twitter Music and iTunes Radio. Other stories covered include the upcoming Daisy streaming service, the re-launch of MySpace, Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail release and the latest on Spotify.

Appearing on the show are David Emery (Beggars Group), Duncan Geere, Will Mills (Shazam), Syd Lawrence (, Karim Fanous (Music Ally), Steve Knopper (Rolling Stone), Sitar Teli (Connect Ventures), Nikke Osterback (Saari Music), Stuart Dredge (Music Ally), Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown), Jeff Price (Audiam), J Herskowitz (Tomahawk), Marcus Taylor (Venture Harbor), Dave Allen (, Eliot Van Buskirk (, Ben Sisario (New York Times), Matthew Hawn, Stephen O’Reilly (Topspin, Mobile Roadie), Virginie Berger (Don’t Believe the Hype), Adam Webb, Richard Kirstein (Resilient Music), Eric Eitel (all2gethernow) , Andrea Groetzke (all2gethernow), Martyn Davies (SendGrid), Glenn Peoples (Billboard), Clyde Smith (Hypebot), Jim Carrol (Irish Times), Alejandro Mairin (MusicPimpBlog), Tom Satchwell (Beatsontoast). See below for a detailed timeline.

I hope you enjoy the show, if you did please pass it on to a colleague, friend or like minded digital music geek! Have a great week and ’till next time.

Andrea Leonelli

Below a timeline of the show:
00:10 Intro
01:39 Music streaming service Daisy, from the announcement in January to the latest news…
18:50 the MySpace relaunch backed by Justin Timberlake was a hot item in the first few months of 2013…
30:00 The announcement of Twitter Music was highly anticipated, but how did it go down?
41:00 Google Play Music All Access was still just a rumor back in February when we first talked about it, watch the story unfold all the way up to launch…
01:02:30 Spotify acquired Tunigo…
01:06:38 Spotify came under scrutiny after Nigel Godrich’s remarks on streaming (echoed by Thom Yorke), here’s the big streaming debate!
01:18:23 Spotify’s 2012 financial results…
01:22:06 iTunes Radio, from the days when we were still calling it iRadio to the announcement…
01:45:00 Jay-Z’s Samsung partnership and the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, from announcement to week 1 sales.