DMT 5 – Newsround

This week we feature an interview with Ed Underwood, op. manager for the Peoples Music Store ( who tells us about the London-based company, their latest deals and their plans for the future.

Also in the news EMI and Warner’s financial results, the first numbers for the iTunes variable pricing model, the problems of the French music industry, Pandora and affiliate links, Universal Music partners with Ebay in Australia and more!

Links for this week’s stories:

Peoples Music Store

Financial Times and Billboard on EMI’s full-years earnings.

Music Ally Blog and EMI’s recent new experiments.

Paid Content and CNET on Warner Music’s new and safer digital direction.

Billboard, Digital Music News and the Register on iTunes Variable Pricing.

Imeem receives more funding to survive at least another few months

CBS new Music division

Last.Fm’s new visual player

Billboard article on the sharp sales decline in France for the first quarter of 2009

Pandora and the affiliate links scheme,-games-revenues

Billboard on Universal Music’s deal with Ebay in Australia

The great escape:

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DMT 4 – Newsround

Hope you enjoy this week’s podcast! I’m tring out different formats (longer and shorter) let me know what you like best and email any comments!! 

Topics Covered this week : Simplify for the iPhone, Spotify is the hugely successful startup of the week, the Rapidshare case in Germany, RIAA settles with Santangelo, Canada’s pirates are as bad as Chinese ones, VEVO VS HULU and the People’s Music Store deal with Universal Music.


Did Rapidshare “turn in” one of its users? 

Report – Rapidshare Gave Personal Information to Rights Holders to Assist Home Raid of Uploader

The Guardian launches “Digit:Music” – a survey on digital habits in the UK


The People’s Music Store signs deal with Universal Music

HMV Sales up 11% this quarter…

Santangelo VS the RIAA – a settlement is agreed.$7,000



DMT 3 – Three Strikes Laws

Ok, this week’s podcast is a bit odd – i recorded it in the middle of the night and I was trying to be quiet so many apologies if I sound like a cross between a late night call-line and a tired bear. Hope you enjoy the stories though!!

Topics covered: three Strikes around the globe, the Pirate Bay sentence could be declared a mistrial, some Comes With Music statistics, the Loi Hadopi (three strikes law) in France finds an enemy in the European Union, Hulu and Music videos, the fall of music sales around the globe.

Startup of the week!

Three Strikes Report part 2 – Around the World

New Zealand



South Korea



Torrent Freak and the Swedish Torrent Sites Closures

Torrent Search via Google

Comes with Music might not have a great deal of active users…

Troubles for the Loi Hadopi in France

Another study claiming pirates buy more music

DMT #2 – We Are Hunted

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In this episode: an interview with the managing director of new online chart service We Are Hunted; the Three Strikes law in Europe and its evolution, Pirate Bay’s trial and its repercussions; the PRS launches its initiative against Youtube and strikes a deal with Spotify; Tori Amos and the iTunes presale that allows access to the tour’s presale; Record Store Day in the UK and the US; Google announces its first quarter profits but does not break down how much it’s loosing from Youtube.

We Are Hunted home page

 Native Digital’s Home Page

Nick Crocker’s Blog

Mashable article on We Are Hunted

All about jazz article on We Are Hunted

Three strikes law for criminals in the USA

NY Times article on the Rejection of three strikes bv the french National Assembley

Le Figaro article on Sarkozy’s anger at the rejection of the law

Le Monde article on the new schedule to get the law passed by the end of April

Three strikes in Ireland

 Three Strikes in Germany

Three Strikes in Italy

 Times article on the Pirate’s Bay’s sentence.

PC world article on short lived nature of the entertainment industry’s exultation

Google announces its irst quarter financial results

Peter Foster of the Times on the Prs for Music launch and the Spotify deal ]  

BBC feature on the Record Store day

NY Daily article on Record Store Day – In praise of…

LA Times article on Record Store day


Sneak peek of Digital Music Trends Episode 1 – The fall of the ad-supported model and Soundcloud as a startup!

Hi All!! As we are gearing up towards the first episode of the Podcast here is a little bit of a sneaky peak on the line-up,

we’ll have Soundcloud as startup of the week,

we’ll discuss the death knell for some ad-supported digital music services and how they can keep going

we’ll have some thoughts on the three strike policy and comment the lack of knowledge on P2P of the French authorities so eager to implement it,

all this on Digital Music Trends!

Stay tuned, up to April 13th!