DMT 100 – Tomahawk

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This week an interview with Jason Herskowitz (@jherskowitz), one of the programmers leading the Tomahawk (@Tomahawk) project.

Tomahawk is an open source music player that finally enables cross-platform music consumption and has a very strong social and discovery backbone. Ever wanted to search for music and see results spanning from Soundcloud tolast.fmto your Spotify subscription and finally your own music? This is what Tomahawk enables you to do.

There are many cool features and rather than listing them all here I encourage you to listen to the episode and find out!

How to get Tomahawk:

Also check outhttp://www.toma.hkfor a web-based first dip into the world of cross-platform streaming!

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Andrea Leonelli

DMT 97 – All Access Today Japan

This week on the show an interview with Taishi Fukuyama from All Access Today Japan. We talk about the evolution of the digital music landscape in Japan, AATJ’s work with US and European start-ups and how they can help artists enter the Japanese market.

All Access Today Japan:

Taishi on Twitter:

DMT 96 – Hack Your Hit with Jay Frank

This week on the show an interview with Jay Frank, author of Futurehit.dna. Jay is back on the show two years after his first interview to talk about his new book Hack Your Hit and about his new record label Digsin.

We talk about how musicians can improve their odds of being noticed online, the elements that can play a part in creating a hit, real world presence versus social media presence, how to avoid being overwhelmed by the abundance of digital services, the value of free and much more!

Check out Jay’s site and his label’s site And of course you can find Jay’s books on Amazon too – here’s the link to the Kindle edition of Hack Your Hit

Have a great week and ’till next time. And BTW if you’re going to be at SXSW 2012 give me a shout! Here’s a link to the panel I’ll be moderating on the 15th of March “The Evolution Of Music Discovery In The Cloud”

Andrea Leonelli

DMT 95 – Mpme by Apsmart

This week on the Digital Music Trends an interview with Rahul Powar, founder of Apsmart the company behind the app MPme.

MPme is an application created from the ground up for the iPad and it provides a curated online radio experience. The app actually monitors thousands of commercial radio stations and can serve up recommendations in real tim on stations that are playing tracks that are in line with your music tastes. MPme was recently named best startup in the Music Discovery, Recommendation and Creation category at Midem.

Check it out on the app store or visitwww.mpme.comfor more information!

Hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to more info on DMT.

DMT 90 – Songtrust

This week on the show an interview with Justin Kalifowitz, co-founder of the start-up Songtrust. The company offers a digital rights management solution that allows songwriters to manage their publishing online. Amongst the services offered by Songtrust is the payment of royalties from international collection societies and the company also offers different membership tiers according to the songwriter’s requirements as well as an account aimed at bands.

Check out:

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Andrea Leonelli
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