DMT 107 – and Datownia

This week on Digital Music Trends a special episode while I’m currently on vacation where I interview the founders of start-ups (connecting emerging artists, entertainment service providers and audiences worldwide via the production of HD video content) and Datownia (allowing any company to create an API easily).

Enjoy and ’till next week when we resume the regular podcast!

DMT 100 – Tomahawk

Hello Everyone and welcome to Digital Music Trends – Episode 100!

Thanks for sticking with the show for so long through ups and downs (and fairly long breaks) if you’re a long-time listeners and welcome if you’re new to it!

This week an interview with Jason Herskowitz (@jherskowitz), one of the programmers leading the Tomahawk (@Tomahawk) project.

Tomahawk is an open source music player that finally enables cross-platform music consumption and has a very strong social and discovery backbone. Ever wanted to search for music and see results spanning from Soundcloud tolast.fmto your Spotify subscription and finally your own music? This is what Tomahawk enables you to do.

There are many cool features and rather than listing them all here I encourage you to listen to the episode and find out!

How to get Tomahawk:

Also check outhttp://www.toma.hkfor a web-based first dip into the world of cross-platform streaming!

Hope you enjoy the show,
Andrea Leonelli

DMT 99 – Jeremy Silver

Hello Everyone! Digital Music Trends is back this week after a long break with an interview with Jeremy Silver. Jeremy has had a long experience in digital music and the creative industries and so in this show we cover quite a few topics, from his experience as VP of New Media at EMI in the mid 90s to the evolution of music recommendations, from the importance of music data for independent artists to his take on the global repertoire database project and the need to centralize rights information.

To follow Jeremy’s work online visit:

Hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time.

Andrea Leonelli

DMT 83 – Future Music Camp

This week on the show a special from Future Music Camp – held at the Popakademie in Mannheim at the end of May. The event was a great way to get to know some of the most interesting start-ups working in digital music in Germany and it was also interesting to see quite a few labels, both major and independent, taking part to see what is bubbling under the surface! The episode includes interviews with Steffen Holly from Aupeo, Frederik van den Berg from Vodafone, Andrea Goetzke and Eric Eitel from All2Gethernow (, Songpier’s CEO Matthias Glatschke and Ryan Rauscher, one of the organizers of the camp.? Hope you enjoy the show!

DMT 82 – We Are Hunted

This week on the show an interview with Stephen Phillips, co-founder of We Are Hunted and founder of Wotnews. We Are Hunted is one of the world’s most popular indie music websites and they have created a fantastic platform to give exposure to music that strays out of the mainstream.

We cover the evolution of the company in the past two years, their partnerships, the apps they developed, the licensing situation and much more.

Make sure you visit and follow them on Twitter. Also check out the Pocket Hipster and the Hunter apps for iPad, they’re really cool.

Have a great week-end and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli