DMT 101 – Apple Radio, Spotify’s browser, Willis & Gaga

This week on Digital Music Trends Andrea Leonelli, Darren Hemmings (@mr_trick), Eliot Van Buskirk (@listeningpost) and Eamonn Forde (@eamonn_forde) discuss the digital music news of the past week.

In the show – which also includes a segment on mobile music making apps by Ashley Eldson – we talk about Apple’s radio rumours and implications, Bruce Willis and digital music inheritance, Spotify’s latest rumours, the importance of Playlists and Lady Gaga’s forthcoming album app – this and much more on this week’s Digital Music Trends.

Here a few links to the stories that we mention/talk about:

Apple & Music Streaming / iRadio?

Bruce Willis and the lifespan of digital rights
Bruce Willis and the ‘When Owning Doesn’t Actually Mean Owning’ Conundrum

NY Times Blog on Spotify losing money to lure in paying subscribers

Gaga incites fans to ask for iPads for Christmas so they can experience her new album in full. Is the Bjork-like experience a fad or can artists use apps as a viable distribution method?

Will more artists follow in her and Bjork’s footsteps or are dev costs still too high for most artists to see a return on something like this?

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DMT 97 – All Access Today Japan

This week on the show an interview with Taishi Fukuyama from All Access Today Japan. We talk about the evolution of the digital music landscape in Japan, AATJ’s work with US and European start-ups and how they can help artists enter the Japanese market.

All Access Today Japan:

Taishi on Twitter:

DMT 92 –

This week Digital Music Trends is all about and features an interview with Matthew Hawn, the company’s VP of product. We talk about the evolution of, its API policy, how the Spotify app development came about, their partnership with Microsoft on their new Discover platform at and also about location-based charts and plenty of other stuff.

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DMT 87 – Making Music on the Move with Ashley Eldson

This week on the show an interview with Ashley Eldson, creator of the Palmsound blog which has been going strong for five years and is all about about music making apps and hardware.

In this episode I tap into Ashley’s incredible knowledge base about making music on the iPhone and iPad in particular. We talk about the latest developments in this field including implementation of “core audio”, the entrance of large music creation companies like Native Instruments, Yamaha and Korg into the market, stand-alone software synths versus sequencers, the Alesis I/O Dock for the iPad & the release of new hardware products for iOS devices in general. We also discuss the status of Android in this field and we finish by talking about what the future may bring for making music on the move – taking into account the inevitable hardware advances that will be taking place in the next couple of years.

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DMT 85 – Looking at the Featured Artist Coalition

This week on the show an interview with Mark Kelly, the CEO of the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) – also well known as the keyboard player in the band Marillion.

In the interview we talk about the FAC and its main objectives, the challenges that are facing featured artists in navigating the digital domain both in terms of managing new revenue streams and managing their own presence online as a brand, pan-european licensing and the shift in mindset from rights-holders as the perceived value of music slips.

This week’s show is not all about digital music technology but I hope that it will be appreciated by the many artists who listen to the podcast!

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