DMT 17 – MXP4

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This Week: An interview with the CEO of MXP4 – Albin Serviant. The company is working on creating new ways for the public to interact with the music and create a unique experience. Last week they struck a deal with Motown involving Michael Jackson’s Jackson 5 recordings.

No news this week as I was abroad during the weekend, expect another full Digital Music Trends next week!


DMT 9 – Newsround

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This week: the Pirate Party gains 2 seats at the EU, We Are Hunted launches a Twitter music chart and shows off a possible new businees plan, We7 plans to go mobile going head to head with Spotify, Last.FM’s new projects, RIAA vs ISPs in the USA, Vevo finds a new ally in Sony Music.

The Pirate Bay gains 2 seats at the EU

We Are Hunted starts a Twitter chart:

Last.FM – a great UK success story

The RIAA failing to convince ISPs to police their networks:

We7 Going Mobile!

Sony music joins the VEVO venture

DMT 6 – Great Escape 2009 Part 1

WOW!!! a manic week at Digital Music Trends after the madness of the Great Escape, with more interviews lining up and more people listening every week – it’s going to be a really interesting June so stay tuned!!

This week:news from the Great Escape (a PRS presentation on the Music industry’s economics and the Long Tail o P2P), the three strikes law is passed in France, Wilco successfully deal with a leak, the BPI releases 2008’s numbers and Blubster goes on trial in Spain.

 Episode 6 Shownotes

– The Great Escape Festivel (

Chris Carey from the PRS and the state of the music industry’s economy!

Will Page and Eric Garland on the Long Tail of P2P – see their report on

Will the labels ever strike a deal with the ISPs? I ask Eric Garland, Will Page and Product Manager for Limewire Nathan Lovejoy.

France’s Three Strikes Law is finally passed by the French senate, but problems are already on the horizon

Wilco and their positive reaction to a leak:

The British Phonographic Industry’s figures on the performance of recorded music in 2008

Digital Music Trends debuts on the 13th of April!

Digital Music Trends is a new audio Podcast for anyone interested in the music industry and its developments in the digital space.

I’ll be hosting guests from some of the most exciting digital music startups as well as from established companies and we’ll discuss the week’s news in the ever-changing world of digital music.

It will be distributed weekly on a Monday on iTunes and a variety of other platforms – the line up of guests is being put together a the moment – watch this space for more info soon!