Charles Caldas, CEO at Merlin – DMT at MIDEM 2014

Digital Music Trends chats with Charles Caldas, Merlin’s CEO at MIDEM 2014.

00:40 Charles gives us an overview of Merlin
01:10 Merlin has had great success in the past few years representing the independent sector worldwide, especially when it comes to negotiating with streaming services, has that also helped them achieve the healthy market share indies currently have on those services?
03:28 If we look at the worldwide picture, where are you seeing the most activity when it comes to Merlin?
05:19 You have just launched a new dashboard for your members, what is that all about?
06:42 How do you vet new services that are coming into the market and choose who you partner with?
09:22 What is your relationship with Google like?
11:00 What are Merlin’s plans for 2014?

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