DMT 10 – Songkick

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This Week: an interview with Ian Hogarth, co-founder of, loses its co-founders, France’s three strikes law runs into more trouble, Universal Music partners with ISP Virgin Media in the Uk to provide an all you can eat music service DRM-free and Myspace is in more trouble with rumors of large layoffs and closures of European and some US offices.

Show Notes:

Interview with Ian Hogarth from Songkick: founders leave the company 

Three strikes law in more trouble in France:

 Studies in the Uk : Users would be deterred by three strikes threat if it involved disconnection:

Another study reports that users would not be deterred unless the letters contained a specific threat of disconnection….

Universal Music partners with UK ISP Virgin Media to provide a subscription drm-free all you can eat service

Myspace rumored to be planning large layoffs:


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