DMT 15 – Warner Records

This Week: an interview with Ethan Kaplan from Warner Records, Microsoft might get into the streaming business, Spotify to open in the US by the end of the year, New Zealand revives the three strikes law, P2P use drops in Sweden, Kazaa becomes a legit service, the IFPI wants a cut of the Pirate Bay’s sale, Palm VS Apple.


Ethan Kaplan’s blog:

Microsoft aims at launching a streaming service very soon.

Spotify aims at US lanuch in the third or fourth quarter 2009.

New Zealand revives the three strikes law.

P2P exchanges nosedive in Sweden

Another file sharing service goes legit – Kazaa comes back as a subscription service!

Pirate Bay sale makes the IFPI want its share – but who does the site belong to?

Apple Disables Palm Pre’s Synch function with iTunes.

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