DMT 16 –

This Week: an interview with Hansjoerg Posh from, Spotify submits iPhone app to Apple and strikes a deal with IODA, Palm patches up the Pre, Guitar Hero and Rock Band sales drop, Three Strikes in France delayed, Myspace: Music vs Global strategy, Apple developing a new digital Album with the Majors.

Links: Startup of the week:

Spotify submitted its app to Apple – and let everyone know about it…

Spotify also struck a deal with digital distributor IODA this week, adding over 2 million tracks to its catalogue, which makes the mobile applications all the more appealing.

Palm re-instates the synch functionality with iTunes.

Digital Music Startups running short of capital in the States.

Gamasutra finds that Rockband and guitar hero sales are down, by 49%!

Loi Hadopi delayed to September.

Myspace to become a data goldmine for discovering the next big thing.

Apple looking at new ways to sell albums.

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