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This Week: an interview with Hansjoerg Posch from, Spotify submits iPhone app to Apple, Palm patches up the Pre to synch with iTunes, Guitar Hero and Rock Band sales drop, Three Strikes in France is delayed, Myspace: Music vs Global and finally is Apple developing a new digital album format?


Spotify submitted its app to Apple – and let everyone know about it…

Spotify also struck a deal with digital distributor IODA this week, adding over 2 million tracks to its catalogue, which makes the mobile applications all the more appealing.

Palm re-instates the synch functionality with iTunes.
Digital Music Startups running short of capital in the States.

Gamasutra finds that Rockband and guitar hero sales are down, by 49%!

Loi Hadopi delayed to September.

Myspace to become a data goldmine for discovering the next big thing.

Apple looking at new ways to sell albums.

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