DMT 23 – Newsround

This Week: the three strikes law is finally official in France, Google launches a music search feature ‘One Box’, Real Networks is in profit again, Facebook and Myspace might share content, Vevo gets endorsed by AT&T, Spotify launches a new metadata API

Shownotes and Links

French three strikes law makes the cut – the HADOPI agency is on!
The Billboard Business story
The New York Times take on this
Talk Talk broadband says it would refuse to comply to three strikes

The new Google music search feature – One Box
Ars technica hands-on review
The New York Times blog
The International Business Times

Real network’s user base shrinks but it becomes profitable again.

Facebook and Myspace in talks – could be sharing content.

Vevo hooks up with AT&T in what is its first major advertising contract.

Spotify launched a new metadata API

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