Digital Music Trends – Episode 26

This Week: the Digital Economy bill is imminent in the UK, Sony to launch a rival to iTunes, Myspace strikes partnership with Merlin and adds a charts feature, MusicHackDay a success in Boston, EMI strikes a deal with Hulu, to launch soon.


The Guardian’s take on the digital economy bill to be introduced in the UK. Billboard brushing on the subject from an outsider’s perspective

Sony to launch a new global network to link all of its digital services and challenge iTunes Pc World is skeptic that taking on iTunes is a good idea Music Ally Blog reports on the story.

Press release – Myspace Music and Merlin strike a deal

Myspace adds charts

Myspace adds charts – Courtney Holt Post (President of Myspace Music)

Myspace CEO to attend Midem in January

MusicHackDay Boston:

AFP – EMI strikes a deal with Hulu

Paid Content – Vevo to launch in December

Tech Crunch Shakira’s Ustream/facebook stats.

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