Digital Music Trends – Episode 26

This Week: the Digital Economy bill is imminent in the UK, Sony to launch a rival to iTunes, Myspace strikes partnership with Merlin and adds a charts feature, MusicHackDay a success in Boston, EMI strikes a deal with Hulu, to launch soon.

26 Digital Music Trends – Episode 26 by digitalmusictrends


The Guardian’s take on the digital economy bill to be introduced in the UK.

Billboard brushing on the subject from an outsider’s perspective

Sony to launch a new global network to link all of its digital services and challenge iTunes Pc World is skeptic that taking on iTunes is a good idea

Music Ally Blog reports on the story.

Press release – Myspace Music and Merlin strike a deal

Myspace adds charts

Myspace adds charts – Courtney Holt Post (President of Myspace Music)

Myspace CEO to attend Midem in January

MusicHackDay Boston:

AFP – EMI strikes a deal with Hulu

Paid Content – Vevo to launch in December

Tech Crunch Shakira’s Ustream/facebook stats.


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