Digital Music Trends – Episode 29

This Week:an introduction to MIDEM, the Loi Hadopi stalls again in France, is Google sidelining Lala?, the Echo Nest raises a new round of funding, Bono causes a stir over ISP filtering, We7’s new look is not just a pretty face, closes a deal with Universal and Spotify was reportedly courted by Google for the Nexus One.

Shownotes: MIDEM:

News: French Three Strikes Law delayed Techcrunch Paidcontent Music Week The Register

Is google steering away from Lala? Digital Music News Billboard

The Echo Nest raises another 1.3 millions for development.

We7 revamps site

Freallmusic signs up Universal as its first major TechCrunch LA Times Blog Company site:

Google to partner with Spotify on the Nexus one? Probably not.

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