DMT 4 – Newsround

Hope you enjoy this week’s podcast! I’m tring out different formats (longer and shorter) let me know what you like best and email any comments!! 

Topics Covered this week : Simplify for the iPhone, Spotify is the hugely successful startup of the week, the Rapidshare case in Germany, RIAA settles with Santangelo, Canada’s pirates are as bad as Chinese ones, VEVO VS HULU and the People’s Music Store deal with Universal Music.


Did Rapidshare “turn in” one of its users? 

Report – Rapidshare Gave Personal Information to Rights Holders to Assist Home Raid of Uploader

The Guardian launches “Digit:Music” – a survey on digital habits in the UK


The People’s Music Store signs deal with Universal Music

HMV Sales up 11% this quarter…

Santangelo VS the RIAA – a settlement is agreed.$7,000



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