Digital Music Trends – Episode 49

This week on the show an interview with Nikhil Shah, co-founder of Mixcloud In the interview we talked about the future of online radio, Mixcloud’s listening base, music filtering, content partnerships, the Chinese market, the power of the widget, the relevance of Myspace and the importance of mobile integration. Unfortunately no news round-up this week as things have been a little hectic but at least I can say that apple did not launch a music service, the WWDC keynote was purely about the iPhone platform. So the Lala based service many are expecting from Apple has not materialized, but to be fair the amount of negotiations that would have to go into that make it very unlikely that it will appear before this autumn unless Apple introduced it without any content partners.

Well thanks again to Nikhil for a really interesting interview with some great stats. As i mentioned earlier the show ends here today, check out for links to the feeds, Digital Music Trends will also be featuring on Mixcloud from now on as they’ve implemented RSS integration and you can also catch the show on the Music void. If you’d like to email the address is Have a great wee and ’till next time!

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