DMT 5 – Newsround

This week we feature an interview with Ed Underwood, op. manager for the Peoples Music Store ( who tells us about the London-based company, their latest deals and their plans for the future.

Also in the news EMI and Warner’s financial results, the first numbers for the iTunes variable pricing model, the problems of the French music industry, Pandora and affiliate links, Universal Music partners with Ebay in Australia and more!

Links for this week’s stories:

Peoples Music Store

Financial Times and Billboard on EMI’s full-years earnings.

Music Ally Blog and EMI’s recent new experiments.

Paid Content and CNET on Warner Music’s new and safer digital direction.

Billboard, Digital Music News and the Register on iTunes Variable Pricing.

Imeem receives more funding to survive at least another few months

CBS new Music division

Last.Fm’s new visual player

Billboard article on the sharp sales decline in France for the first quarter of 2009

Pandora and the affiliate links scheme,-games-revenues

Billboard on Universal Music’s deal with Ebay in Australia

The great escape:

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