Digital Music Trends – Episode 55

This week on the show an exclusive feature on the company Music2Text that only officially launched last week. The interview with Denver Thomas – the CEO of the company – is pretty extensive so for this week I’m going to forgo with the usual in-depth news coverage and I’ll just go for a ultra-quick scan of the most compelling headlines instead, with links to the relevant articles on the show-notes. If you’re at all interested in mobile distribution this feature is one you can’t miss: we discuss mobile distribution, the need to streamline user experience in mobile, business models and tools to communicate with the fans and monetize that relationship.
You can actually try out the service – if you’re in the UK text EAGLE to 60444 and you’ll receive a link to the Eagle Rock Entertainment campaign, bear in mind that this number works in the UK only so if you’re somewhere else in the worlds and still want to have a look at the mobile site type in your mobile browser.
And now as promised a super-quick overview of this week’s news!

Italian Major label representative FIMI this week announced that for the first time in 11 years sales of music in Italy grew by 7.7% in value, with digital music increasing by 15% over the same period last year and CD sales growing from 45 to 50 million euros.

Music streaming service MOG has finally launched its mobile application for both iPhone and Android, giving its users a three day trial after which they need to subscribe for a fee of 9.99$ per month. The functionality is very similar to that of Spotify’s mobile app with the option of caching songs into the mobile phone to listen to them on the go. The videos show a very slick and usable app, one that should have Spotify pretty worried just about now – if MOG started to build a real customer base in the US those would all be customers taken away to a potential US version of Spotify.

HMV – the only high street music chain left in the UK today launched a revamped version of its digital store called HMV Digital – the store allows users to download tracks very quickly and easily and to play them on any device. There are some launch offers at the moment with some cheap tracks and albums on the site so if you are in the UK and fancy a digital bargain go and try out this new service.

At the new music seminar, Pandora announced that they now have 60 million listeners, up from 40 million in December 09. If if they keep up this growth rate they could be reaching 100 million users in the first half of 2011.

Musician Amanda Palmer has managed to sell 15,000 dollars worth of music and merchandise in just three minutes through the start-up Bandcamp. The platform, that acts like a distributor, allows the artists to sell physical and digital music through their artist pages. The service, that bears some similarities with the established Topspin, h only launched quite recently and naturally this exploit by Amanda Palmer was a great way to kick-start the company. Amanda Palmer launched her new EP – consisting of Radiohead covers played with a ukulele – in a variety of different physical and digital formats, from the simple download to super-elaborate physical packages. Pretty much all physical packages are now sold out on the site.

Well, that’s all for this week, I really hope you enjoyed the show! Don’t forget to email me or @me with feedback or ideas – the email is and the twitter handle is digimusictrends. Also don’t forget to visit the website for links to the feeds, itunes store and the vaults of Digital Music Trends featuring over forty interviews with digital music experts.

Have a great week and ’till next time!

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