Digital Music Trends – Episode 59

This week an ultra-special show with not one but two interviews! The first is with Niall Doorley – events director for Icon Events International – who has been organizing the Future Music Forum conference that will take place in Barcelona at the end of September. The second is with Clare Crean, managing director at AudioFuel, a start-up that is all about the pace. Because of this double feature the news got cut short this week – but I still want to tell you about Soundcloud deepening its integration with Creative Commons and about Tunebag’s latest integration with the Logitech squeezebox.

Episode 59 by digitalmusictrends

Future Music Forum

And thanks again to Niall, i do apologize for the audio quality that is not stellar in places but Skype is temperamental sometimes, do go and visit as it’s shaping up to be a great event.

And now the second interview of this week with Clare Crean from Audiofuel.

And now let’s move onto this week’s brief news section.

Soundcloud and Creative Commons

First of all Dave Haynes from Soundcloud forwarded me some information about the company’s deepening integration with Creative Commons this week that I found fascinating. Basically this is creating a huge pool of material including beats, samples and loops licensed under creative commons that can be used freely to create new remixes – there are various types of creative common licenses so that the original creator can retain some degree of control on how the material is used. Soundcloud also tweaked its search function so that users will be able to search only for tracks licensed under Creative Commons which will give them a pool of thousands of ideas, sounds and beats to explore. I was aware of Creative Commons from a podcasting perspective – Digital Music Trends is distributed under Creative Commons in that anyone can share it online and copy it as long as it’s for non-commercial purposes, but I had never thought about the implications of Creative Commons in the creation of music. If you’d like more information do check out the shownotes that contain links to Souncloud’s latest press release, the blog post and the Creative Commons page on this integration!

Tunesbag and Logitech

And second and last news of the day is that Tunesbag – an Austrian-based cloud music services that I covered in the early days of Digital Music Trends – has forged a partnership with the Logictech Squeezebox so that its users will be able to access their Tunesbag collection on the cloud directly from the Squeezebox. Hardware integration is an important part of the evolution of cloud music services – as I have realized when talking to Michael Robertson a few weeks back – and Tunesbag is definately moving in the right direction getting involved with a heavyweight of internet radio hardware.


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