DMT 6 – Great Escape 2009 Part 1

WOW!!! a manic week at Digital Music Trends after the madness of the Great Escape, with more interviews lining up and more people listening every week – it’s going to be a really interesting June so stay tuned!!

This week:news from the Great Escape (a PRS presentation on the Music industry’s economics and the Long Tail o P2P), the three strikes law is passed in France, Wilco successfully deal with a leak, the BPI releases 2008’s numbers and Blubster goes on trial in Spain.

 Episode 6 Shownotes

– The Great Escape Festivel (

Chris Carey from the PRS and the state of the music industry’s economy!

Will Page and Eric Garland on the Long Tail of P2P – see their report on

Will the labels ever strike a deal with the ISPs? I ask Eric Garland, Will Page and Product Manager for Limewire Nathan Lovejoy.

France’s Three Strikes Law is finally passed by the French senate, but problems are already on the horizon

Wilco and their positive reaction to a leak:

The British Phonographic Industry’s figures on the performance of recorded music in 2008

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