DMT 65 – Newsround (Greg Sandoval and Steve Knopper)

This week Digital Music Trends focuses on the state of digital music in the USA with two great journalists as guests: Greg Sandoval from where he publishes his Media Maverick blog and Steve Knopper from Rolling Stone Magazine and author of Appetite for Self Destruction. I’ve been reading their work for years so it’s a real treat to have them both on at the same time.

In the episode we talk about streaming and subscription services in the USA. Is there hope for subscription services? Will Spotify launch in the USA soon? What is the role of Pandora in music streaming? Is legislation on the horizon to tackle piracy?

Here are a few must-read articles if you enjoyed the discussion on the show:

– Stats don’t support the hype: digital music is ailing (by Greg Sandoval):

– Streaming Music now Neck and Neck with Downloads in the US :

– Digital Music opportunity is huge and now, says Rhapsody:

We also talk about tomorrow’s announcement regarding iTunes by Apple: What could it be? A Beatles announcement? A streaming announcement? A nothing-to-do-with-music announcement?

This is the story Greg had to rush off to finish and published just a couple of hours later:;title

And finally we tackle the rise of start-ups that aim at providing an alternative to Ticketmaster.

Here is the story by Steve Knopper as it appeared on Wired Magazine:

Thanks again to Steve and Greg for making it onto the show and if you’re not familiar with them make sure you check out their work. Steve Knopper writes frequently on Rolling Stone Magazine as well as a number of other publications – if you haven’t read his book Appetite for Self Destruction that’s a must-read. Greg Sandoval writes frequently on, go to his Media Maverick blog or follow him on Twitter @sandoCNET.

I hope you enjoyed the format of today’s episode which is slightly different from the usual DMT one-to-one interviews. Please as usual send any feedback to

‘Till next time!

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