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           This week on the show an interview with Ollie Henderson, the Business Development Director for the advertising network Silence Media (

Silence Media have worked very closely with the music industry over the past two years and have conducted many high profile campaigns based on the CPE or Cost Per Engagement model. In the interview we talk about Silence Media’s approach to online advertising, the relationships they forged with their clients and with the publishers that feature the adverts, the importance of the analytics they provide, the benefits of Cost Per Engagement model and its primary markets, the company’s future plans and its approach to mobile advertising.

Episode 66 by digitalmusictrends


Thanks again to Ollie for taking the time to come on the show – check out Silence Media’s site to sample a few of the campaigns we talked about.

This week I also want to mention a Music Tank session that I attended a couple of weeks ago. If you’re haven’t heard of Music Tank you should definitely go and check them out at They are a business development network operated by the University of Westminster that focuses on the changes and innovations in the music business. The session was called The Brave New World of Location-Based, App-Driven & Immersive Marketing and it was a great overview of the diverse roles and purposes that apps can have for the music industry – whether it’s an artist-specific app, a musical quiz or a location-based app. I just want to highlight some of the key points that I took away from this session – if you register with Music Tank you can actually access all of the content from their sessions but there is a £30 annual charge for the membership.

1) Creating a compelling social game based on music is hard and companies that are leaders in the social gaming field like Zynga are unlikely to want to share the profits with the music industry by incorporating licensed music – at least as long as they keep making a billion per year or more on a portfolio of Intellectual Properties that are 100% in their hands.

2) The only way to engage the fans is through a 2 way conversation. If you have a lot of twitter followers and you want to create an app make sure that involves your fans as well, that they are part of the process so that they will want to stick around and check upon the progress of your project.

3) if you are at a stage where you have lots of Twitter followers, lots of fans and produce some great content in the form of videos, blogs etc consider developing an app since that can have a really amazing global reach and it’s not very expensive if you use someone like Mobile Roadie. Consider the platform carefully and look at your fan base, if most of your fans have Nokias there’s no point in developing an iPhone app!

4) Consider creating an app not just as a marketing exercise as many labels have done so far but as a source of revenue. If you give the app away for free make sure you incorporate in-app purchase options within it.

5) Location-based apps and especially applications like Google Goggles can be great to create an app that for example unlocks exclusive content if a person takes the picture of your album of a billboard on the high street advertising your latest single or tour. Also consider using QR codes as a way to spread content for mobile access.

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