DMT 67 – Mobile Roadie

This week on the show a feature on Mobile Roadie – I visited the company’s headquarters in London to speak to Stephen O’Reilly who is Mobile Roadie’s sales and marketing manager for the UK and Ireland. In the interview we talk about the development of Mobile Roadie in the past two years, the apps it creates, iOS vs Android and other platforms, opportunities for monetization, stats on previously released apps, price points, and future development. Make sure you check out Mobile Roadie’s site at and browse through some of their apps to get an idea of the service they provide.

Episode 67 by digitalmusictrends

I really hope you enjoyed the interview! Feel free to send in feedback, ideas or links to companies that I should be interviewing:  the address is,  you can also get in touch via Twitter the handle is digimusictrends and visit the website at for everything related to the show. There is now a list of all the guests I have had on the show on and although I haven’t gotten around to linking every single one you should be able to navigate it pretty if you are using iTunes, Soundcloud or Mixcloud as references. Feel free to embed the widget for the show wherever you wish as it’s distributed on a creative commons license so basically you can do whatever you want with it as long as it’s for non-commercial purposes! I’ve now booked my three days at Midem in January and plan to get as many interviews as I can possibly fit into a 72 hour period so stay tuned as there are going to be some very long and interesting shows in January.

In the meantime have a great week and ’till next time!




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