DMT 70 – Midem 2011 Preview

This week on Digital Music Trends: 

– a Midem 2011 Preview with Albin Serviant, CEO of interactive music company MXP4. We talk about the evolution of the company into social gaming and about the opportunities that this field holds for the music industry. Albin will be taking part in a Social Gaming panel at Midem on Monday the 24 so I look forward to covering that next week.

– A short report on an evening organized by start-up Gigswiz to talk about the Live music industry especially looking at small to medium-sized venues and at how artists that are not yet established organize their gigs.

– An interview with Denver Thomas, CEO of mobile music company Music2Text. The company is sponsoring Digital Music Trends’ coverage of Midem 2011.


Episode 70 by digitalmusictrends

I hope you enjoy the show and look forward to next week’s many Midem podcasts!

Andrea Leonelli

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