DMT 72 – Midem 2011 Special 2

This year’s coverage of Midem 2011 has been sponsored by Music2Text, a great way to promote and sell your mobile music worldwide.Hello everyone and welcome to the second day of Digital Music Trends Midem 2011 special. Today Midem 2011 kicked off in earnest with a myriad of panels and press conferences to attend as well as the Midem Hack Day kicking off so it was a pretty busy day!

Today on the show I’m going to feature quite a few interviews!  We start off with Craig Palmer and Ty Roberts respectively the CEO and CTO of Gracenote, then a catch-up with Panos Panay CEO of Sonicbids on the latest developments at the company and an interview with Kirit Joshi, chairman of DDEX a worldwide agency for the development of metadata standards for online distribution. Also on the show as usual a few interviews with some great start-ups, starting with Paavo Backman from Steam Republic,then Lee Rhys from Ticketsense and finally Raoul Kiksen from Fanity. 

Episode 72 – Midem Special Coverage Day 2 by digitalmusictrends

In terms of news coming out of the show first and foremost there was a heavyweight press conference featuring Universal Music Group’s head of digital Rob Wells, Warner Music Group’s Michael Nash, Sony Music’s Thomas Hesse and Mark Pibe from EMI. The service is a new cloud offering that has now been launched in Europe but will be rolled out to the US in the first quarter of this year and it represents the first foray in this space by a massive player like Sony with the approval of all four majors. Initially this will go out to all connected Sony devices but the company was keen to state that this will not be a Sony-only service but it will also be rolled out to mobile platforms and possibly other hardware manufacturers in the future. The platform will recognize the music that is on the user’s drive through Gracenote and it will allow the user to stream it from any device. The service though is not going to be free and the trial is going to be limited to thirty days, which may not be enough to get users convinced about paying for cloud access. I asked the panel a question regarding APIs and whether the service is going to have an open portion of the data-set that developers will be able to tap into. The answer? Not immediately but after they have stabilized the platform they will probably do something along those lines. not a definite yes but not a door slammed shut either. Also there was a re-iteration of the commitment by the french government to the implementation of the Hadopi law, they already have 40 people working for the agency that has been set up to implement it – I want to see the results when the actual disconnections start going through!

Midem Hack Day was also kicked off with developers from a number of companies including, Songkick and Soundcloud working for 24 hours to create some great hacks to showcase to the industry tomorrow harnessing the power of APIs. I’ve seen the preliminary ideas for the project and the all look awesome so I can’t wait to share the end results with you tomorrow!

Well, it’s a pretty long show today but I sure hope that you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it! I’ll be back here tomorrow for the third and last day of Digital Music Trends’ coverage of Midem 2011.


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