DMT 74 – Spreaker

Hello everyone and welcome to Digital Music Trends! After the ultra-long shows from Midem last week today it’s short and sweet as I interview Francesco Baschieri, co-founder of Italian-based start-up Spreaker ( The company allows users to create their own radio shows on the cloud and broadcasting live.

But before the interview today it’s impossible not to mention the twist in the fate of EMI with Citigroup taking over the major and writing off 65% of its debt. EMI is now left with a cash reserve of 300 million dollars and it will be interesting to see whether they decide to invest any of it in the Digital space. Meanwhile there were reports this week that a deal had been reached between EMI and Spotify for a US launch, which means that Spotify could indeed see a launch by the end of this year since it has reportedly already reached an agreement with Sony. I think that if either Warner or Universal were to also join in Spotify could comfortably launch on the back of three majors and the indies.

Meanwhile ever-reliable Greg Sandoval from CNET outlined in a great article the latest on Google Music – with conflicting reports on it being very close to launch (as early as next month) and on it not being very close at all with a launch still months away… Here the link:

Well that’s all for this week! I hope you enjoyed the show. Next week I’m going to have Alex White, CEO of the Next Big Sound on the show so it’s going to be a good episode!

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Have a great week and ‘till next time.
Andrea Leonelli

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