DMT 75 – Next Big Sound

Hello everyone and welcome to Digital Music Trends! This week on the show an interview with Alex White the CEO of the Next Big Sound. The start-up won the B2B category in the Midemnet Labs competition at Midem and has started branching out of the US and into the European market. ( In the interview we cover how their company started out, how they obtain the data they need for the stats, their business model and much more!

Digital Music Trends – Episode 75 by digitalmusictrends

This week was fairly busy in terms of tech meet-ups here in London. First on Friday was the TechHub demo night – where start-ups and developers get to demonstrate the app/product/idea that they are developing and get feedback and questions from the Audience. From a Music point of view Spreaker presented their demo which was quite a coincidence considering that I had them on the show only last week.

Other start-ups that caught my eye but non-music related were UbiCabs, Enterproid and Just What’s on – if you’re in London check out for a list of all the events they are putting together, it’s worth dropping by!

Also this week was the launch party of the MusicConnex conference – a new event focused on the independent sector that will take place here in London in April and it was definitely a success with high attendance, good networking and great music. If you want to get involved in the event go to and check it out.

And that’s all for this week, I really hope you enjoyed the show. As usual visit for more information and to sign up to the mailing list. The show can be enjoyed both via subscribing on iTunes, via Soundcloud, RSS feed and Mixcloud. If you’d like to follow the show on twitter the handle is DigiMusicTrends, have a great week and ‘till next time!

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