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This Week: an interview with author and Rolling Stones contributing editor Steve Knopper, Spotify + Mobile = MEGA Excitement, Labels easing up on licensing fees and especially on Imeem, the PRS is lowering its streaming rates, Pandora is doing well with ads, updates on piracy in the UK and Spain, the Palm Pre’s dubious iTunes integration.


Feature: interview with Steve Knopper – contributing editor for the Rolling Stone and author of the book Appetite for Self-Destruction – now on sale on Amazon!


Spotify Gets everyone excited with a preview of the android application and a special buffer…

Spotify for mobile should frighten Apple

Other sources on Spotify on Android

Music Labels easing up on startups in licensing fees?

PRS launches new rates for music streaming

Youtube Responds to new PRS streaming rates

We7 responds to the PRS new streaming rates

Guardian and Times: could the new streaming rates mean an upcoming new deal with YouTube?

Eu Nears Bloc-Wide Music Licensing

Itunes wants single EU copyright to harmonize the licensing on iTunes

Pandora Unleashing Mobile Phone Ads

Farkie startup lets you download online content such as youtube

Seven million people download illegally in the UK

Spanish protests pro-p2p

Spain’s piracy problem “getting worse”

Itunes Support confirmed for Palm Pre

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