DMT 73 – Midem 2011 Special 3

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Hello everyone and welcome to Digital Music Trends! This is the third and last show from Midem 2011 and it’s mostly dedicated to the start-ups that have made this edition of Midem so exciting!

A marathon episode today – with 9 interviews so unless you have a long commute you’ll probably need a couple of sessions to get through it!

Today on the show Keith Lee, CEO and co-founder of Booyah!, media futurist Gerd Leonhard, Martin Rigby CEO of Psonar, Armine Saidi founder and CEO of Viinyl, Antonis Karydis CEO of Mativision, David McKinney the founder of Jammbox, Anne De Kerckhove the Director of the Entertainment Division at Reed Midem, Wilhalm Taht Marketing director for Flowd and Georg Hitzenberger Managing Director of

Also the hackers that took part in the Midem Hack Day presented the fruits of a 24 hour API binge – which I thought were incredible even by the Hack Day’s usual high standards. To give you some examples Paul Lamere director of the development community at the Echo Nest created a game called Six Clicks to Imogen which challenges you to find the shortest path between an artist of your choice and Imogen Heap.  Martyn Davies created OutNow which is a beautiful interface to showcase the week’s new releases in an easy-to-navigate format, another hack that was very popular was created by Gideon Bullock from Songkick and Michael Schieben from and is called Double-A-Side, it’s an iPhone app that pulls two tracks you select from Soundcloud and creates a virtual vinyl where you can change the track simply by turning your iPhone just like you would do with a real vinyl! There are many more apps and hacks to explore, head to for a complete list and links!

Well that’s all for this year’s coverage of Midem 2011 – I really hope you enjoyed it! In the next week I will also be making the Midem interviews available as standalone pieces on Soundcloud in case you want to embed any of them on your site. If you liked the show please do spread it around it’s very easy to get hold of the show both on iTunes on any iOS devices including the Apple TV and on Soundcloud as well as on internet radios, mixcloud and Android phones via DoggCatcher. If you like the show please do sign up to the mailing list – the form is on the home page at and I’ll send you one email per week or less with information on the latest show to make sure you never miss an episode! The twitter account is digimusictrends and the email Have a great week and ‘till next time!

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