DMT 117: The One With MySpace, Redigi, Mega, Sweden, Fandalism, HMV…

This week on Digital Music Trends we cover The Most News Ever. Only kidding, but it’s a hefty number of stories and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Stuart Dredge and Darren Hemmings.

This week we talk about: 
– the public launch of MySpace, Justin Timberlake’s involvement and the Merlin rights issue.
– Redigi’s upcoming European launch, legal implications and potential repercussions on the industry (if anyone can be bothered to use it)
– Kim Dotcom’s launch of Mega amongst much fanfare, but what’s the potential piracy impact?
– digital distribution price wars as Fandalism offers first free and then cheap iTunes, Spotify and Google Play uploads
– the KLF releases slipping through checks and getting released without permission on iTunes and Spotify
– flexibility price of streaming subscriptions as Rhapsody launches a $5 tier tied to the MetroPCS carrier
– the astonishing story of music sales in Sweden where growth is in the double digits, and is anything happening out there applicable in the UK or is it simply a cultural difference
– a quick update on HMV, as the group starts to 

You can find links to coverage of all the stories we talk about here:

I hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli


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