DMT 120: Web Radio, Apple’s 25 billion, BPI, Parlophone and Daisy

This week on Digital Music Trends I’m joined by Taishi Fukuyama (All Access Today Japan) and Sam Taylor (CMU, Great Escape Conference).

In what was a technically challenging show (those who follow the video version will see what I mean) we managed eventually to chat about:

– Pandora’s latest numbers, Web Radio, market saturation and Apple’s potential entry

– Apple’s 25 billion iTunes music sales

– Some interesting numbers from the latest BPI report on brand awareness for streaming services in the UK

– News from Japan as mobile carriers abandon walled gardens and look at cross-carrier content services and also the iPhone becoming the no.1 seller in the country for 2012

– Grammy predictions game, how did Spotify and Shazam do and what does it mean?

– Parlophone and the significance of the acquisition by Warner

– Daisy’s latest announcements including a summer launch, 100 people working on playlists and more

You can find the shownotes here.

I hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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