DMT 121: Gracenote courts devs, Top 10’s decline, Gema/Youtube & digital music in Germany

This week on Digital Music Trends we have an all-German panel, with Ryan Rauscher (Smix.lab, Futuremusiccamp), Barbara Hallama ( and Steffen Holly (Fraunhofer IDMT).

On the show we tackle the international news first, starting with Gracenote’s new Developer Program which makes the company’s APIs and MusicID available to all on a non-commercial basis. We also chat about a couple of recent articles debating the decline in sales of the Top 10 and Top 40 titles in the US and touch upon rumours of Google wanting to clamp down on piracy websites by cutting off their funding.

In the second part of the show I take advantage of my guests’ expertise in the German digital music market and so we talk extensively about the YouTube/Gema controversy in an effort to clarify what’s happening. We also look at what streaming services are available in Germany and at their popularity, chat about Soundcloud, the startup scene, a project to create a new performance rights society called C3S catering for Creative Commons licenses and much more…

You can find all the links to the stories in the show-notes here:

I hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!


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