DMT 123: A Good Day To Stream Hard

This week on Digital Music Trends I’m joined by Karim Fanous (Music Ally) and Syd Laurence (Wemakeawesomesh.itTwilio). It’s certainly a good day and a good year to stream hard as the big players put their chips on the table: with Beats raising $60m for Daisy, Tesco planning a Blinkbox Music rollout, Google bringing YouTube’s weight to the table and the usual Apple question marks a streaming war is on its way to your desktop/mobile.Also on the show we discuss the issue of fragmentation in the streaming space and how to facilitate inter-operability, music bookmarking services and the EMI innovation challenge.

DMT will be reporting from SXSW next week with a bunch on interviews and photos/videos from the event, be sure to check out from this Saturday.

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Have a great week and ’till next time

Andrea Leonelli / @digimusictrends

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