DMT 128: AIM’s Music Connected Conference

This week on Digital Music Trends an event-specific show with a collection of interviews recorded at the Music Connected event organised by the Association of Independent Music in London. We chat about digital marketing, release planning, advertising budgets, getting exposure on streaming services, the responsibilities of management and much more with companies like Beggars, Spotify, Ministry of Sound, AIM, Consolidated Independent, Record of the Day, Anjunabeats, Raw Power Management and Music Ally.

If you’d like to skip ahead to a specific interview below is a list of the times. If you downloaded the podcast you can follow these as an indication but if you’re on YouTube just click on the time indicated and the correct interview will open. I hope you enjoy this episode, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

00:05 Introduction to the Episode — Mention of Twitter Music release

01:36 Lucy Blair — Digital Marketing Manager — Ministry of Sound

06:11 David Emery — Head of Marketing — Beggars Group

11:47 Jessica Roe — Social Media & Marketing Manager – Anjunabeats

17:14 Alison Wenham — CEO — Association of Independent Music

20:34 David Balfour — Record of The Day/Finetues

23:42 Laura Kirkpatrick — Label Relations — Spotify

28:24 Eamonn Forde — Journalist — Music Ally et al

35:16 Kieron Faller — General Manager — Consolidated Independent

39:45 Don Jenkins — Manager — Raw Power Management

46:19 Outro

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