DMT 129: All about Twitter Music, Grooveshark’s woes, Daft Punk Get Lucky on Spotify, PSY & more

This week on Digital Music Trends I’m joined by Ben Sisario (New York Times), Eliot Van Buskirk ( and Andy Malt (CMU).

The news of the week of course is Twitter Music so we proceed to review, analyse and ponder the many angles of this story, though I can’t promise that is a linear process in any way… Then we chat about Grooveshark’s appeal loss in the lawsuit brought by Universal Music pertaining the infringement on pre 1972 tracks, we look at the company Royalty Exchange which creates an interesting “stock market” for publishing rights, we chat about the new records set by Daft Punk (on Spotify) and PSY (on YouTube) and talk about the Chinese market as Alibaba-owned Taobao implements the recently acquired music service Xiami onto its website.

You can find links to all the stories we discuss and many more stories of the week (we never get around to talking about everything) on the Google doc:

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Have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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