DMT 132: Google Music, iRadio, Slacker & iHeartRadio, GRD, Soundcloud, Midem & more

This week on Digital Music Trends I’m joined by Darren Hemmings, founder of digital marketing agency Motive Unknown, and Stephen O’Reilly, director of Topspin UK & director of International Sales at Mobile Roadie.

This week we start by talking about the Google Music breaking news story, speculating on what will happen at the Google I/O event which unfortunately is due to happen just hours after this week’s DMT recording. We also talk about Apple’s woes lining up the licenses for iRadio, the growth of internet radio services like Slacker and iHeartRadio in the US, we talk about the Global Repertoire Database initiative setting up shop in London and Berlin, Midem moving dates by a week in 2014, Soundcloud opening a NY office and the upcoming Great Escape festival in Brighton.

You can find the shownotes for this week’s episode here:

And below you’ll find a list of the subject addressed in the show with timings which can serve as reference if you’re listening to the show or as a link if want to watch it on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy this week’s show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

DMT 132 Timeline

00:18 Introduction of guests

01:10 Breaking: Google launching a music subscription service? Discussion on what’s to come (pre Google I/O announcement that happened a few hours later)

14:30 Apple struggling in its licensing negotiations for iRadio?

22:40 Slacker and iHeartRadio both announcing healthy growth in listeners, we discuss the Slacker model in its free personalized radio to fully-fledged on-demand service.

27:00 How are current subscription services doing when it comes to offer personalized radio services?

29:14 The Global Repertoire Database announced the opening of offices in London and Berlin. Is the industry mature enough to understand its importance and make sure it succeeds?

36:00 Soundcloud opens an office in NY headed by former National Director of Strategic Partnerships at Pandora, does that mean a faster push towards advertising?

41:30 Midem changes dates to the first 1st/4th February

43:40 The Great Escape kicks off on the 16th of May

47:28 Guest’s projects and outro






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