DMT 133: Songkick, Spotify Charts, Tumblr, Google All Access Music, Merlin numbers & more…

This week on Digital Music Trends I’m joined by Virginie Berger, founder of media agency Don’t Believe the Hype and Duncan Geere, freelance journalist working with a variety of publications including Wired.

This week on the show we start by talking about Songkick opening up the beta of its Detour concert crowdsourcing platform to all Londoners and joining forces with Soundcloud to showcase gig listings next to the tracks on the audio sharing platform, we also cover Spotify’s new charts, Tumblr’s acquisition by Yahoo!, Google Play All Access Music (post-announcement), Merlin’s latest digital music numbers from a survey of its members, Deezer and whether they are eyeing up the US market, Pandora working to woo artists and much more.

As usual you can find links to some of the stories we covered and also to the stories we didn’t have time to cover in the Google doc:

Under the embeds of the audio and video you can also find the timeline of the show and links to jump to the stories you really can’t wait to hear. Remember that Digital Music Trends is also available on iTunes and most podcatchers just type my name or Digital Music Trends in the search bar or follow the links in the menu bar of

Have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

DMT Timeline:

00:18 Intro to the guests
02:15 Songkick Detour, impressions, potential and potential hurdles
10:35 Songkick & Soundcloud, match made in heaven?
12:44 Spotify’s new Charts
20:00 Yahoo acquires Tumblr, any impact on the music community on the service?
24:45 Google Play All Access Music, will it gain traction?
28:26: Deezer looking to enter the US via a third party company?
34:30 Merlin showcases the results of a members service on revenues and distribution services
41:05 Pandora tries to woo artists with a new backend service while asking them to send a letter to congress highlighting the value of the company
45:00 Wrap-up and outro



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