DMT 134: Asia special and a look at Music Matters

This week Digital Music Trends is entirely focused on digital music news from Asia including the latest coming from Music Matters which took place in Singapore last week. To help me understand what’s happening in the region the team of Valleyarm Digital and Music Weekly Asia including Marie Berst from Singapore, Neil Cartwright from Manila and Matt Campbell from Melbourne.

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00:17 Introduction of guests
02:30 What is Music Weekly Asia and how did the project get started?
03:55 So it must be pretty challenging to work with a team spread out across many different territories, how does that work?
04:50 There’s also a language problem as each of the territories covered speaks a different language, how do you keep up to date with what’s happening in the news given the language barrier?
6:35 Music Weekly Services recently launched a new chart service that is going to cover different territories in South East Asia what was the inspiration to start this and how important is it to have a chart?
08:15 How do you pull the data to put the chart together if there isn’t an organisation that counts sales like in the US and UK for example?
09:38 At Music Matters the CEO of Deezer talked about the company and its expansion in a number of territories in Asia (it’s present in Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore), first of all adoption-wise how crucial are carriers to adoption and how crucial are price points?
12:48 Marie, were there concerns particularly around price points expressed at Music Matters?
14:05 Matt, one other other issues is to get as much local content as possible into these services. Do you think services are making a good enough effort to bring local content into their catalogues?
15:50 Neil talks about the availability of music and means of consumption for people in developing territories. There are also licensing issues where not all the content that is available in the UK or US is available in the Philippines because
18:20 Many digital music services that are planning to have a presence in the region set up shop in Singapore, why do you think that is?
19:45 Let’s talk about China, do you think it is a viable high growth market for the music industry?
23:30 Talking about downloads is there a big potential for growth in the region?
25:50 There appear to be a lot of streaming services available in Australia especially when you look at the population in the country it seems like a very crowded market, Matt what’s your take on this from Melbourne?
28:44 Talking about advertising-based services, for those territories that are not dependent on the usual Google and Facebook are their competitors collecting similar data sets and providing similarly targeted advertising?
30:40 YouTube in many territories – excluding China – can be seen as the great unifier as it’s widely available and popular. As part of that global sentiment there were a couple of events at Music Matters that were revolving around YouTube stars, how did those pan out?
33:37 Live sector, there’s been an increase in acts travelling to Asia as part of their world tours, are artists aware of their potential to sell tickets in some of these markets? Matt, Neil and Marie talk about Festivals in Indonesia, Australia and Singapore.
38:30 Talking about support structures aside from the well-known K-pop factory in Korea, are there any other support structures for artists for example in the Philippines?
40:30 Rob Wells remarked on how Universal is placing itself as a competitor of large entertainment networks like HBO for example rather than of other labels, do you feel like this can become an issue if a label makes deals essentially as an entertainment brand rather than a music provider and does that damage the independent sector?
41:40 There were quite a few independents present at Music Matters, do you feel like they have a voice in the local markets? Marie: In many developing territories looking at the local scene most bands are signed to independents or are unsigned.
42:45 Let’s talk about piracy, still a concern and how so?
47:50 Outro and end

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