DMT 136: iTunes Radio, 7Digital, Pandora vs ASCAP, the Music Unlimited price drop

This week on Digital Music Trends I’m joined by Clyde Smith ( from N. Carolina, Jim Carroll (Irish Times) from Dublin and Alejandro Marin ( from Bogota’. This week we cover – of course – Apple’s iTunes Radio announcement extensively from various different angles, we chat about 7Digital’s new streaming platform, Pandora’s op-ed explaining the acquisition of a small terrestrial radio station and Sony dropping the price for its Music Unlimited service. Here are this week’s shownotes though we only managed to cover half of what was on the google doc!

Being in three different continents was quite fun as most of the stories we covered have potential international repercussions and it was pretty interesting to hear how perspectives may differ in different parts of the world.

Massive apologies for the dropped frames in the video version from around 4 minutes onwards, a Mac Pro is sorely needed to get the DMT recording up to speed and hopefully we’ll get a sponsor on board in the next month or so to help make that happen.

00:14 Introduction and guests intro
01:30 iTunes Radio announced at WWDC, fall launch and US only. Understated or underwhelming?
17:00 7Digital launches a DMCA-compliant streaming platform which will be accessible via API
24:45 Pandora becomes a terrestrial broadcaster (by acquiring a small station) and aims to get preferential ASCAP rates as a consequence
33:40 Sony Music Unlimited slashes its subscription costs, what does that mean and will consumers respond?

Have a great week and ’till next time

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