DMT 138: Tunewiki, Apple & Indies, lucrative leaks, Pink Floyd “school” Pandora, Uberstations & more

This week on Digital Music Trends I chat with Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown) and Tom Satchwell (BeatsontoastFortitude PR). It’s a busy week as we tackle Tunewiki’s closure, the rumours surrounding iTunes Radio and the indie sector, the idea of Jay-Z’s Samsung deal being a controlled (& lucrative) leak, Spotify apps (where to?), Sony Music Unlimited and Xbox Music expanding their feature sets, Amazon to launch AutoRip in Germany, C3S crowdfunding, Saavn striking a deal with Tata Docomo, music streaming app Anghami reaching 2m users, Pink Floyd “schooling” Pandora in an editorial on USA Today & finally an interview with Michael Robertson on his new startup Uberstations.

You can find the shownotes with links to the articles discussed here: and below the show’s timeline and links to specific points on YouTube (make sure you subscribe to DMT’s YouTube channel)

00:15 Introduction & Guests
01:41 Tunewiki announces closure
11:11 iTunes Radio and the Indies
17:45 Jay-Z and Kanye West album releases – strategies?
26:20 Spotify Apps, how do they help artists and where are they heading?
35:00 Sony Music Unlimited releases iOS update with offline music playing
41:55 Xbox Music to announce a web-based version of the service (at long last…) ?
44:55 Amazon reaches a deal with GEMA to launch AutoRip in Germany
45:55 C3S to launch a crowdfunding campaign to kick start the project of a new pan-European collection society with Creative Commons provisions
50:15 Saavn strikes a deal with Tata Docomo, one of the country’s largest mobile operators
51:06 Anghami reaches 2 million users concentrating on Middle East and Northern African territories
52:08 Pink Floyd criticise Pandora in an editorial for USA Today –
01:00:10 Guest plugs – Darren: Eliza and the Bear, Spring Offensive, Houndstooth
Tom: & Fortitude Pr
01:02:25 An interview with Michael Robertson on his new startup Uberstations
01:10:23 Outro and end

Have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

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