DMT 140: Shazam’s round, Daisy and AT&T potential partners, YouTube and Vevo, Magna app #fail?

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to welcome Sitar Teli (Connect Ventures), Steve Knopper (Rolling Stone) and Nikke Osterback (Saari Music) to discuss the latest news in the music tech industry. This week we cover Shazam’s new round of funding, the rumors of Beats-backed Daisy seeking a carrier partnership for launch in the US, YouTube and Vevo’s renewed partnership, Base79’s new round of funding, 7Digital first to sell music on the new Firefox Mobile OS and Jay-Z’s Magna Carta raising eyebrows from both a UX and privacy point of view.

Also as there were a few bits of news that we didn’t manage to cover on the panel so I jumped on at the end to record a short round-up which includes Songkick’s Detour expansion in the UK, Bing Audio expanding internationally, UMG’s deal with PLDT in the Philippines, South Africa’s Look & Listen music retail chain relaunching its digital store, startup Promohut and finally Bandzoogle acquiring OneSheet.

After a few weeks without hiccups you’ll notice that the video version of the show has a fair few “still picture” moments due to Skype malfunctions, trying my best to make sure the chance of this happening again is minimized my end. You can find this week’s shownotes here.

And finally I’d like to thank Venture Harbour ( for helping me out in the past few days to improve DMT’s website from an SEO standpoint…
I hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Timeline with YouTube links:

00:15 Introduction and Guests
01:55 Shazam closes a $40 million round of funding from America Movil
08:08 Beats-backed upcoming Daisy music streaming service reportedly seeking partnership with a major carrier in the US, potentially AT&T
16:08 YouTube and Vevo renew partnership with Google reportedly investing in the company to the tune of $40/50m
22:30 Base79 raises a new round of funding from Evolution Media Growth Partners
25:40 New Firefox Mobile OS is out in the wild and 7digital jumps on board to provide users a way to purchase and access music
29:40 Jay-Z’s album is released and there are UX and privacy concerns raised around the app through which Samsung gave away Magna Carta Holy Grail
40:40 Whatever the guests want to talk about!
Andrea by himself – quick run through extra news:
43:30 Songkick launches Detour in 10 more cities in the UK
44:30 Windows expands Bing Audio internationally and Spotify updates the Windows 8 Mobile app to add more functionality
45:35 Universal Music strikes a deal with the Philippines Long Distance Telephone company to distribute its music with the company’s mobile division
46:30 In South Africa music retail chain Look & Listen relaunches its digital store in partnership with Mondia Media
47:00 PromoHut launches to deliver pre-release access to superfans
48:10 Bandzoogle has acquired OneSheet

Andrea Leonelli

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