DMT 141: The Godrich/Yorke Streaming Debate, Scandinavia living the future, AT&T Leaps into Muve

This week on Digital Music Trends an extended panel including Martyn Davies (SendGridMusic Hack Day), Eric Eitel and Andrea Goetzke (all2gethernowBerlin Music Week), Duncan Geere ( and Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown).

Given the heated debate generated by Nigel Godrich’s and Thom Yorke’s tweets about Spotify over the weekend in the first half of the show we take a step back and look at/discuss the different points of view that transpired in the press over the past few days. Also on the show we chat about Norway and Sweden’s incredible recorded music revenue growth in the first half of 2013, the acquisition of Leap Wireless (and by proxy Muve Music) by AT&T and what that could mean for the Daisy partnership rumors, the first-week results of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail – a roaring success?, Europe’s slow progress towards pan-European licensing, Apple releasing Logic X and much more.

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Andrea Leonelli

00:18 Introduction and guests introduction
02:20 Nigel Godrich and Tom Yorke VS Spotify: a read-through the tweets that started the story and what was your first reaction when you heard of this?
09:45 A few of the articles written in the past few days address what artists expect from streaming services and whether they should expect to make money from them. What are your thoughts on current rates and artist expectations?
16:20 Has this debate been going on in Germany as well and did it start back when Simfy was popular or is it more recent?
18:30 Duncan in your piece on TechRadar you disagree with the point that Spotify is bad for new music and your points revolve around low barrier of entry and piracy prevention, can you elaborate on those arguments?
20:50 There were a couple of interesting points made one from the CEO of Ticketmaster calling from unionization of musicians to provide a united front when it comes from dealing with streaming services, and one from Stuart Dredge bringing the focus on what Spotify can do to help new bands and improving the platform’s value to them, is there scope to do more?
29:00 And just to put a wild idea out there since there’s already an infrastructure in place on Spotify to serve advertising to non-paying subscribers, would it make sense for part of that infrastructure to be used to promote the artist’s own tickets, merch or release when a paying subscriber is listening to their music?
32:20 Staying on streaming, Norway and Sweden just posted two digit increases in total recorded music revenues due to streaming in the first half of 2013. And once again the question, is there anything we can take away from this success story or are the factors driving growth in these territories a very narrow non-replicable set of circumstances?
35:00 As far as Germany is concerned with physical being still such a large part of the market do you think in time there’s a chance of things heading in this direction?
36:00 Going back to the UK Darren and Martyn what you think about Duncan’s theory that we’re just a few years in the past and Britain may soon be in a similar situation as Norway and Sweden?
40:25 AT&T buys Leap Wireless which is the owner of Muve Music, do you think this is relevant to the rumors of a deal between AT&T and Daisy? Would it be feasible for the carrier to offer two different services (one premium, one low-cost) to its users?
47:47 Andrea and Eric talk about the Berlin Music Week conference they are organizing taking place on the 5th and 6th of September.
49:00 And hopefully the last feature on Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, the album has done very well with over half a million sales in the first week and setting a Spotify record with 14 million plays. Will the apparent lack of cannibalization from the album giveaway and subsequent success of the release pave the way for more deals like the one he made with Samsung?
55:00 For the first time the European Parliament Committee for Legal Affairs has approved unanimously proposals for a new framework allowing easy pan-European licensing of music, is this a step forward?
57:20 And finally Logic X is out, first release in 4 years from Apple
01:00:00 Guest projects, thanks and outro

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