DMT 144: NMPA vs FullScreen, Streaming Optimism, Discovery, Chromecast

This week on Digital Music Trends I’m joined by Olivier de Simone (Urturn) and Ivvet Modinou (Richseam). On the show we chat about the NMPA’s suit against FullScreen and its significance, Spotify’s Browse feature and curation in discovery, Google’s Chromecast and the role of TVs in music consumption, artists setting up gated fan-driven communities and finally the optimistic report on streaming by ABI research.

I really hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

01:55. The NMPA filed a suit against multi channel network FullScreen, is this the start of a wider issue for network aggregators?
13:40 Spotify launches a Browse tab based on human-curated mood and activity-based playlists, an important step and potentially a way to respond to Daisy’s upcoming launch?
24:10 Google launched the Chromecast in the US, BSKyB launched a £9.99 streaming box here in the UK with a Spotify integration. These are becoming mainstream offerings but will people end up driving their music consumption through them?
29:55 Artists setting up gated fan communities, Stagebloc launched two new sites for Justin Timberlake and Kid Rock, Gaga has her own platform via Backplane, is this a trend that will continue and is it applicable to smaller artists as well?
39:02 ABI Research released a very optimistic report on the future of streaming up to 2018, how do you feel about these predictions?

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