DMT 147: Pandora’s cap, the VMAs, finding new releases, Vevo on Apple TV, PledgeMusic and more

On Episode 147 of Digital Music Trends Andrea Leonelli, Karim Fanous (Music Ally) and Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown) chat about Pandora’s Q2 earnings as the company decides to drop mobile listening caps, the VMA’s ratings and controversies, VEVO on the Apple TV, how to keep track of new albums released on Spotify and Rdio, Nigel Godrich’s follow-up on streaming, PRS for Music’s deal with YouTube and PledgeMusic’s catalogue initiative and lots more. You can find this week’s shownotes with links to the stories here.

We also chat about a few upcoming events including Resonancia Colombia (from Karim) and Hard Working Class Heroes (from Darren). Make sure you check out Music Ally and the Daily Digest.

This week’s show is sponsored by media law firm Sheridans, at, we thank them for their support of Digital Music Trends.

Andrea Leonelli

Show timeline: 
00:50 Guest introduction
01:39 Pandora’s Q2 earnings, is company’s business model sustainable?
04:45 Pandora under pressure due to iTunes Radio. Will lifting the monthly cap of 40 hours for mobile listeners in the US put them in a better position?
09:10 Rise in viewers this year for the VMA’s up by 66% compared to last year. Is the public getting more excited about award ceremonies? What could be the cause?
16:30 Does winning or performing have more of an impact on sales in the VMA’s/Grammy Awards?
19:12 Radiohead’s producer Nigel Godrich follows-up on his streaming comments, but does this add anything new to the conversation?
26:19 PRS for Music signs a licensing deal with YouTube. What does this deal mean for YouTube, have they won over the societies with their current model?
30:40 Short break with Digital Music Trends’ sponsor Sheridans
33:30 Nince Inch Nails went down a very traditional route as far as their releases are concerned, does this mean that the “majors are dying” mantra can be put to bed?
39:00 Pledge music hiring Julian Huntley as head of the Catalog division – is this approach going to attract a new audience?
47:37 Due to Spotify’s new homepage interface there isn’t a specific place on the client to check out new releases, how do people discover new music? We look at a number of apps and Darren talks us through Rdio’s interface too.
53:10 Apple TV adds Vevo function, will 3rd party music streaming companies benefit Apple?
55:10 As of yet there are no advertisements, is this deal just a promotional one, or is money being exchanged, if so how?
01:00:34 Plenty of questions yet to be answered by Apple TV on how money will be made through this deal
01:02:19 Rounding up the interview with some of the events today’s guests will be heading off to, in the near future.
01:07:46 Outro

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