DMT 149: Ministry of Sound vs Spotify, iTunes Radio, Songza, Pono, Xbox Music

On Digital Music Trends 149 Andrea Leonelli, Lucy Blair (Anjunabeats), Jessie Scoullar (Wicksteed Works) and Eamonn Forde (Music Ally) discuss Ministry of Sound taking Spotify to court over playlists, iTunes Radio’s launch, Songza’s new round, HQ Audio service Pono, Xbox Music on iOS and Android and much more. You can find this week’s shownotes with links to the stories we talked about here:

I hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

This week’s show is sponsored by media law firm Sheridans, at, we thank them for their support of Digital Music Trends.

Andrea Leonelli

DMT 149 Timeline
00:50 Guest introduction
1:40 Updates from guests
3:30 Ministry of Sound takes Spotify to court
12:00 A lot of money is being invested in curated playlists, will Spotify’s case also affect that department?
16:00 Article by, about their experience as a service devoted to playlists.
17:34 How will the implementation with such a lawsuit work out? What happens if users still upload the same playlists with different names?
19:38 Apple announces 2 new phones the iphone 5s and iphone 5c and iTunes radio will launch on the 18th of September in the US, will it deliver as a stand alone service? Will it really boost download sales?
22:30 As iTunes radio will be a free service, will it drive more customers?
28:17 An information piece from our sponsors at Sheridans
30:36 Songza raise $4.7 million funding round to develop advertising, can the improved customer advertising experience help them expand in the UK?
38:40 Is it possible that the integration between Topspin and Daisy could actually hinder Topspin’s adoption as a common source within the industry?
40:25 Neil Young about to release a high quality digital music service called PONO, will users be sold on the idea of carrying around another piece of hardware with them to listen to music?
42:35 Getting the original masters of all the tracks on service will be quite an expensive process, how will that affect the catalog?
51:15 Microsoft finally launches its Xbox music service in iOS and Android, plus as a web browser, could this mean more subscriptions for them in light of the upcoming Xbox One launch?
55:20 Did the lack of 3rd party support until now hinder the success of Xbox music?
57:56 Sony enters the living room market with the PS Vita TV, is it only to compete with Microsoft? Is there any innovation going on?
59:52 Outro

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