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DMT 151: YouTube’s offline mode, FB & streaming data, Microsoft DJs, Discovr, BitTorrent & more

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to welcome Emily White (Whitesmith Entertainment) and Seth Jackson (Strange Thoughts): we discuss YouTube’s reported offline mode and its potential impact, the issue of streaming services feeding all your listening data to Facebook, Microsoft’s Surface 2 DJ experiment: crazy or crazy cool?, iTunes Radio’s staggering week-one numbers, the brand new version of Discovr, BitTorrent Bundles expanding the alpha test phase with seven media partners and much more!

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Andrea Leonelli

Show Timeline:
00:15 Introduction and guests intro
02:15 YouTube reportedly introducing an offline mode, how will the music industry react?
05:15 Is there a concern here that YouTube’s offline mode would end up competing with the premium mobile offering of services like Spotify and Rdio?
07:15 Ian Rogers brought up a good point in relation to music services that send all your play information to Facebook. Is there a reason to have that turned on and should users think about switching that link off?
11:20 Microsoft launches a DJ Tool with the new Surface 2 although it’s not on sale yet. Crazy move or a way for them to appeal to a new market?
14:50 App Edjing raises 2.5 million dollars towards a new DJ application
21:46 iTunes Radio racks up 11 million users in the first week, will they stick around and what about iTunes’ potential international reach?
28:10 Twitter hires Bob Moczydlowsky from Topspin to head the company’s music division, after putting Nathan Hubbard on the Head of Commerce seat how is Twitter positioning itself in the music space?
32:00 Discovr has overhauled its application introducing a strong social element
36:45 BitTorrent launches a wider alpha program for it Bundles with 7 media partners, how will this play in the future of direct to fan and distribution?
41:35 The Streaming Task Force looked at 3,000 users’ habits in the USA when it comes to music consumption online, we look at the results and what they could mean…

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