DMT 153: BBC’s Playlister, Muve Music, OneMusic,, the LSE paper and more

This week on Digital Music Trends it was a pleasure to chat with Emmanuel Legrand (@legrandnetwork) and Rob MacAllister (@robowenmac). On this full show we cover the BBC launching the Playlister as a digital hub of all its music programming, HMV’s 5 point plan, Muve Music reaching 2 million subscribers in the US (but do they all care about music?), Spotify integrating Songkick data deeper into the Artist pages, New Zealand simple OneMusic license, NARM and becoming The Music Business Association, new startup Splice, the much-debated LSE Copyright and Creation paper, iTunes Radio rumored to come to the UK in early 2014 and much more.

And you can find the show notes of this week’s episode including links to all the stories on

Enjoy the show, have a great week and ’till next time!

Andrea Leonelli

00:28 Introduction of show and guests
01:58 The BBC launches the Playlister
13:00 HMV
19:50 Muve Music reaches 2 million subscribers
28:33 Spotify integrates Songkick dates in Artist pages…
34:30 Information piece on Digital Service Providers and getting Deals done with Sheridans
38:05 New Zealand launches the OneMusic license for public performance
43:20 New startup Splice announces funding, plans on solving music collaboration conundrum
48:05 The LSE Copyright and Creation paper stir controversy, but is it well researched?
53:04 Narm and have been re-branded as the Music Business Association
56:20 Apple rumored to be launching iTunes Radio in the UK thanks to international deals made with labels

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